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As you know if you've been following along on social media, Metal Salon held our first model call and photoshoot. I was overwhelmed by the support and participation; it was a truly motivating experience to spread the excitement for the salon and the hairdressing industry. Thanks to you for sharing or liking the posts! Wondering what happened next?

Metal Models were chosen from the volunteer pool based on a number of factors including: following the rules of entry into the Model Call, style, openness to explore color and cut options, time flexibility, and personality. This was just the first go-round and there will be other opportunities in the future for those not selected this time. Stay tuned! The schedules of the models, the salon, the makeup artist, the photographer, and me were coordinated to arrange a date for the photoshoot. Already exhausted? Don't worry, it was broken into bite size pieces and this was brainstormed with Heather taking the helm to find and secure the photographer in late June.

Once the candidates were confirmed, I created a (mostly digital, partially magazine cutouts) vision board for each look as inspiration for the hairstyle and makeup. Pictures help to illustrate and develop a direction for the artists and models involved in a project. As a collaboration, it is essential that each element is cohesive to create a singular, beautiful outcome. I haven't seen the final images yet, but I have a feeling it's gonna be good!

Each of the models received color, cut, and conditioning treatments the week of the photo shoot to have camera-ready hair. It is important that the website and social media pages reflect work we've done and showcases the style of our clients. The models represent a sample of what can be expected (hair services) and who can be found (people) at Metal Salon, as they range in age, haircolor, hair texture and density, style, and personality type.

On Sunday, July 30th, salon furniture was rearranged to accommodate lighting, a backdrop, and equipment. The first model arrived at 9:15am to begin hair styling and makeup. Pictures began around 3:15pm and continued until after 7:00pm for a full day of hair happiness. Here are some of the pictures from behind the scenes:

A very special thank you to those involved, especially:

the #MetalModel(s) and my muses: Sydnie Burdett, Rebecca Early, Nitasha Ginn, Tyler Peabody, and Matalyn Santini

the fabulous makeup artist: Kaitlin Brooks

the phenomenal photographer and amazing assistant: Clay and Emily Goswick

Let me know in the comments what you'd like to see here or any hair concerns! Follow Metal Salon on Facebook and Instagram for more.

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