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A trip to Mexico was just what I needed to refill my proverbial cup! It was our 20th wedding anniversary (I was only 5 then 😜), which calls for a celebration. This is an actual photo from the beach at resort we visited. I really took this shot, it's not a beer commercial.

I absolutely LOVE doing bridal services. People are generally in a good mood, there is such potential for a beautiful beginning, and I love love. 💕 It is an honor to be amongst a bride's inner circle behind the scenes. Energy is high, a year's worth or more of planning is coming to fruition, and I create a bubble with the bride where it's only us in the space; the ceremony doesn't start until she arrives. This right of passage is the biggest event in life up to this point & the hair and makeup must be flawless. I know this first-hand, as my hair wasn't exactly what I'd requested from the hairdresser that did my bridal hairdo (long before I began my professional career).

An hour per hairstyling or makeup service is planned as a general guideline. Preparation begins long before the date arrives, but the details are ironed out a day or so before. After all, I gotta know how many eyelashes to pack! Time seems to expire more quickly on the day of an event and the honored attendants can tend to feel that the five hours prior seems like too much of a lag; it's not. The wedding of a long-standing beloved client on the Saturday of my return from Riviera Maya had me setting a 3:15am alarm. It must be love! The early morning wake up call was well worth the end result and I adore this bride and her matron of honor.

Makeup and hair come together when the dress slides on, but can seem like a lot with pajamas or a button down. The camera loves a bit of drama, even on a natural fresh-faced beauty. Styles without volume or too light of a hand in makeup can turn stunning photography into run of the mill blah. Professional artists will advise each person ways in which her features can be showcased without detracting from her personal style. Collaborating on the look with professionals keeps the elements suited to the individual, whether she is fully glamorous, outdoorsy and natural, or completely ethereal.

This bride is checking out her hair and makeup in her button down. With her gown and jewelry on, total transformation into a breath-taking beauty, not an overdone prom queen.

This recent bride is checking out her hair and makeup in her button down. Once her gown and jewelry are on, total breath-taking beauty, not an overdone prom queen, amiright?

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