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One of the most common questions asked is how the salon name happened. Why "Metal" Salon? How was the concept born? Curious? Let's explore!

1. The salon where I'd previously worked had a name that was confusing to clients and difficult to explain. People often called it the wrong name, added words to the name, and asked its origin. Metal Salon is easy to spell, Google & remember.

2. Some of the implements used in the salon are made of metal. For example, my shears are constructed of Japanese alloys. Aluminum foils are used in some highlighting techniques. Different metals can be found in use throughout the salon.

gold necklace

3. Metal can conjure up many different images. It can run the gamut of appearance. It can be described as precious, like jewelry, or industrial, like factory equipment. It's malleable, useful, pretty & simple.

4. How fun is decorating with metal? I mean, it's so shiny! It's essentially a neutral in any shade, even though it's most definitely an accent. Metal is classic and unique. It's a total contradiction and an anomaly. What's better than that?

5. I'm a music fan, including the metal genre. It's not a particularly serene or relaxing format, so the salon will not be featuring metal music. However, the name Metal Salon is a wink to metal music, as well.

There you have it. The mystery has been revealed!

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