Why We’re Living for This Haircutting Trend

Oh, heyyy, lovelies! 

We’ve been polishing up our posting prowess & not so patiently awaiting the warmer weather. It’ll eventually be a hot one, and when it is, we’ll be ready! 

With the season change, we’re obviously here for a transformation. The latest haircut trend: undercutting.

What is Undercutting?

Undercut haircuts were fashionable in men’s hairstyles in the 1920’s & 30’s and have made a huge comeback. Think Captain America’s ‘do. Usually, there is an intentional disconnection (length discrepancy) between the hair on top and the section below. Now, it’s taking a flirty feminine turn & we’re obsessed!

Why Undercut?

This is a fun style choice! Not only is it interesting, an undercut can redistribute weight, remove bulk, and create direction for the perimeter of a haircut. If styling the hair at the nape requires reinforcements, this eliminates the issue. Trying to remove width from a round face? Shortening the sides can be a secret (or showy) way to smooth out that style. 

Is an undercut right for you?

It def ups the ante for edgy choices & creates a ton of styling options that work for fun or professional situations. This is so versatile & we love it for all ages if it works with your look. Try it on with the #StyleMyHair app for free. We can all agree that this is not for everyone, but it might be the change you've been craving. Check out the lower commitment peek-a-boo cutout on this creative & curly client below!

Our clippers are getting a workout & we’re here for it! Check in next time for helpful hints, color + coiffure tips, & all things hair.

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